Fun poses to try in a photobooth

For Couples:

  • Catch them off guard - Surprise your partner with a kiss right before the picture and capture their initial reaction

  • Sweep her off her feet fellas - Pick her up and hold her in both arms. Ain’t nothing wrong with showing some love

  • Get on one knee - Trick your friends and make them think you’re next

For the Guys:

  • Cheers! - Don’t feel left out, we even have a beer prop for the non-drinkers

  • Gun show - Flex and show everyone what those summer beers have done to your body. Try throwing on our championship belt for an extra strong effect

  • Fake Brawl: We don’t condone violence but a fake fight can either turn into a hilarious picture or go sideways real quick

For the Ladies:

  • Bouquet toss - Take a picture with the bouquet and scare your boyfriend. We’re just joking, love is beautiful

  • Blow A Kiss - An all time classic that always looks good. Sometimes it’s okay to be basic.

  • Jump for joy - Take a photo of yourselves mid-air. Its not as easy as it seems. If you can time it right on your first try, I will give you $5.

Just For Fun:

  • Brady Bunch photo - As most of you know, a photobooth takes multiple pictures that are all layed out in one print out. Try looking at yourself in each picture for a cool effect. Kind of like the Brady Bunch’s notorious cover.

  • Relive the 90’s - Jam out with our boombox prop and get a friend to throw on the gold chain

  • Just like old times - Throw on the granny wig prop and hold the wooden cane. Just make sure you don’t break your hip while doing it.

  • Rockband - Start that band you’ve always been talking about. We got guitars, microphones and saxophone props to help you out. We even got a mullet to take it to the next level

Political Scandal -

Our personal favorite. You will need three people for this one. Each person put on the Vladimir Putin, Melania Trump and Donald Trump. Have Putin hold Melania while Donald Trump watches from afar or gets angry… Or writes an angry tweet

Shawn GillComment