Ideas for Print Outs


Designing a template for your print outs may be a little overwhelming. The print out is something you and your guests will keep forever and look back on to remember your event. We want to make sure those moments are captured beautifully so here are a few steps to make the perfect template:


Number of Pictures:

1-4 photos on one print out. Anymore than four often looks crowded. The layout of the photos can be arranged however you’d like.

The Title/Date:

A nice big noticeable title or the date of what the event is always a good idea for two reasons.

  • People can look back at it and instantly remember the amazing time they had at your event.

  • There’s always that one person that shows up and has no clue where they are. Having the title of the event on there will be doing them a huge favour.

We download all of our fonts from So if you like a certain font or style of font, you can check out the website and let us know which one you’d like!

Pictures or Logos:

You can send us any picture off of Google to use as a design on the template, as the background, a logo to represent your team, etc. Please, if you are going to send us your logo or any picture, make sure the background is transparent. A logo/picture with a huge white square behind it never looks nice.

The Background:

To make each picture pops, we would recommend to use a plain color or an HD photo as a background. The larger the photo, the better it will print out.

To see templates we’ve made in the past, feel free to visit our gallery!

Shawn Gill