How to pick the right photobooth for your wedding!

Planning a wedding can be very difficult. Deciding on which photobooth you want is even more difficult. The last thing you want happening is making your guests feel bored. That’s why we're here to help. Listed below is what you need to look for in choosing the best photobooth for your special day!

Quality of Pictures

Taking a picture and going to your nearest photo store to develop it is quite a process. Taking a picture and developing it within seconds is 100x more difficult. The photobooth must have high def quality pictures that are being printed out. There are several factors that play into this. The lighting must be studio quality. This means the flash must be visible enough to notice during the photo session. Having a professional camera is also a must. Without a professional camera the picture is guaranteed to be very poor in quality. Lastly, a good photobooth printer should develop the pictures within seconds. The top photobooth printers develop quality pictures in less than 10 seconds!

Customizable Templates

Customizable templates are a must. You should be able to have your template designed to however you’d like. This includes your names, wedding date, hashtags and designs that match your wedding theme. You want your guests going home with not only a fun picture of themselves but a silly picture that is personalized with your wedding theme.

Types of Photobooths (Open Air/ Closed Booth)

Closed booths are private and bring back the traditional feel of photobooths. This gives your guests the options too either get crazy behind the curtains or a more classic experience. This is convenient for your shy guests who can get silly behind the scenes without anyone watching. Open Air booths let everyone in the action.

Open booths tend to fit up more than 10 people in the same photo session. This allows all your guests at the wedding to have some giggles and enjoy the entertainment. Not only are they taking pictures in the booth but they are also having a blast looking at others use it.


What's a photobooth without props? Correct, you guessed it. The answer is nothing. Photobooths must have a large variety of props. However, that isn’t all. The props should should be one’s your guests would love. Not the usual cheap looking dollar store props. Those are a big NO NO. But rather props that your guests can notice 50 feet away and say check that out! Were talking about the Wedding, Hollywood & Disney themed, Funny sayings and the latest trending props.


Traditional photobooths mostly had just one color displayed in the background. Now it is a totally different story. You should be able to choose from a wide range of backdrops. From shiny sparkly backdrops to simple elegant backdrops. These should be able to match your event theme and template. You can even take you and all your guests to a different country. Every photobooth should offer you a green screen option where you can put any image as your backdrop!

Shawn Gill